Who We Are and What We Believe

The First Church of Christ, Congregational is a diverse community, filled with people from all walks of life and a wide range of faith perspectives. Yet we all are called as one to worship the living God, support one another and serve our neighbors in Bedford and beyond.  As an “open and affirming” community of the United Church of Christ, we are committed to include anyone and everyone, no matter who they are or where they are on their spiritual journey.

We belong to a denomination called the United Church of Christ. We support the U.C.C. and work with other U.C.C. churches in order to pool resources for mission and other large projects.

Historically, we belong to the Congregational Church tradition that has its roots in faith of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Plantation (1620) and the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay (1629).   These two groups were the first to take the beliefs of the European Protestant reformers to the New World.

We believe in the basic tenets of the Christian faith, yet we also affirm the individual’s ability to interpret and live out their faith.  We believe that the local church has the authority to decide how it is to worship and operate.  Each member has a vote and a voice in deciding these matters.  We entrust various boards and committees to oversee the various ministries of our church.

Welcome & Affirming Statement of the First Church of Christ, Congregational

On April 13, 2008, the  First Church of Christ, Congregational voted the following Welcome & Affirming Statement:

Welcome to The First Church of Christ, Congregational in Bedford, MA (United Church of Christ).  We welcome those of every color, culture, creed, physical & mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and economic circumstance. We welcome young and old, married and single people into full participation in the life and ministry of this church.  We celebrate family in all of its diverse forms, support all loving and committed relationships.  We rejoice in the presence of children among us.  We invite all to join in every aspect of the life and mission of this church.  We commit ourselves to making justice and inclusion a reality in this congregation and in the world.  We strive to serve others, and to love our neighbor as ourselves, as Jesus taught.  We rely upon God’s unconditional love and grace to be our help and guide.

Safe Church Policy

On March 13, 2006, the Cabinet of First Church of Christ Congregational approved Safe Church Policies and Procedures to address church safety issues.  The Safe Church Policies and Procedures can be viewed here:   Safe Church Policies & Procedures