Taizé Worship

TaizeDo you long for peace in your heart? Is your soul hungry for spiritual nourishment? Do you yearn for something the world cannot supply?

In our day and age, with its unprecedented fast pace and saturation of media, we are challenged more than ever to maintain a sense of peace; to remain centered on who and whose we are; and to “be still and know that God is God.”

These spiritual needs cannot be met by our noisy, fast-paced, materialistic society. But the thirst of our souls can be quenched with meditative prayer, through which we connect with God.

If you long for an encounter with the Divine, we invite you to join us this fall at our new monthly meditative prayer service in the style of Taizé (pronounced tay-ZAY), an international Christian community in France.

Taizé worship is marked by a spirit of contemplation, prayer and extended periods of silence. One aspect of Taizé worship is the repetitive singing of short and simple chants, which enable us to let go of the clutter of our minds and to listen and pray to God with our hearts.

If you long for peace and quiet….
If you want to pray for yourself or for others….
If you love to feel the words of Scripture wash over you….
If you yearn for a deeper connection with God….
Then please join us.