Middle School (Grades 6, 7 & 8)

Our youth explore questions central to life and faith, in units with distinctive focuses . Each unit is organized around a central event with meetings before and after for learning and reflection. The first few weeks we meet at church for dinner and programing as we prep for a “big activity.” The third week is a more time intensive/exciting activity. Our finial week is a wrap up session where we reflect over food on what we have done and learned. This year our units are:

Getting oriented: What should guide our lives? Youth will spend time exploring the bible, prayer, and community as tools for discernment/guidance. Then we will go on a geocaching adventure where we practice using electronic tools as guidance. Our final session will encourage youth to think deeply about the ways our faith guides our life. This unit will cover 4 weekends in October and November.

Finding identity: Who are we? Youth and their parents will spend a few weeks talking about our identity as children of God. We will try to figure out what it means to be a child of God and how that plays into so many different aspects of our identity. The big event for the unit will be a lock-in in full of learning, games, and fun. This unit will meet mid January to mid February. For the three dinner and programing meetings parents are encouraged to attend with their youth. Some of the unit will involved everyone talking together. There will also be opportunities for parents and youth to meet separately.

Caring for the earth: How are we called to live? Leading up to Easter and Earth Day, youth will spend 3 weeks thinking about environmental justice. The big event for this unit will be an over night camping trip in June.

Seeking social justice: What are we called to do? Our final unit will focus on an overnight trip into Boston with City Reach where youth will work with people experiencing homelessness to serve the homeless community of Boston. The prep meetings will encourage youth to think about homelessness and about mission through relationship.