How to Start

7 Ways to Begin and Maintain Your Prayer Life

Starting and maintaining a prayer life can be hard in this busy, stressful world, but it is at the heart of the Christian life, and will give you the spiritual resources to deal with the world we live in.  Here are seven simple suggestions that can help you on your way.  May you be blessed as you develop your life of prayer.

1.  Start Small – Start  with 5 minutes, then increase gradually. Quality is better than quantity.

2.  Establish a Pattern – Pray at the same time of day, at the same place. Have an “order of prayer.”

3.  Create a Place to Pray – Put all the things on it that gets you into prayerful attitude  (candles, pictures, music, etc.)

4.  Think of Alternative Times, Places to Pray – Pray in the car, walking dog, doing dishes….

5.  Create Visual Cues to Remind You– Your brain is full of things to do – it’s easy to forget.  Place “blue dots” in house, office, car to remind you.

6.  Give Yourself a “Prayer Challenge” – For instance, set out to pray 5 minutes for 30  days. 

7.  Be Gentle With Yourself – If you miss a day, forgive yourself.  Prayer is not about blame, guilt, frustration or obligation – it’s about love.